Mailbox - display the email quantity in multiple email accounts.Copyright 1997, 2002 Evan Yu-Ling Chu.


Mailbox binaries and source code are freely available at Source Forge ( under the GNU General Public License.

System Requirement


Mailbox, version 1.0, displays the number of email messages in multiple email accounts. It is compatible with any email system that supports the POP3 protocol. The application is written in C++ and runs on Microsoft Windows 95.

Mailbox can be configured to monitor multiple mailboxes on multiple email hosts. It will query the mailboxes periodically and report the results. The frequency of the inquiry can be configured.

 The instruction for installing Mailbox is in the Installation section.

 To create a configuration file:

To configure Mailbox:
The first variable that needs to be configured is the pause time between consecutive attempts to query the mailboxes. Then the user must enter the mailbox information. To begin and to stop querying mailboxes:


Profile specifies the filename of the configuration file that stores all the mailbox information. If it is not specified, the default filename is default.dat.


Technical Support, Comment

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